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Maui Retreat Program

  Are you feeling stressed, stuck, burnt out, overwhelmed and ready for a change?  Join me for a 5 day retreat program delivered to your mailbox to help you feel a deep sense of wellness as you reawaken your health, unplug from unconscious conditioning, and return to your greater power.



Your Escape Starts Here

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let yourself be led down the path of rest and ease. This is your opportunity for renewal.  Each day you will be guided to take morning beach walks, enjoy this island, rest, soak in the ocean and reflect on life as you reconnect with the beautiful being that you are, your best self.  This online wellness program offers suggestions and guidance for each day that will nourish your body, mind and soul. This program is designed to deeply support you from your space, on your time. You have the freedom to experience wellness at your leisure, allowing you the opportunity to fully retreat.  This is your occasion to love your body, reclaim your mind and reconnect with your bright spirit.


Wellness made easy

  • NOURISH YOUR BODY:  Deeply care for your body as you reawaken wellness through plant based eating + movement you enjoy.

  • RESET YOUR MIND: Learn how  to unblock subconscious limitations through positive affirmations and stay focused on the good with gratitude journaling.

  • RECONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT:  As you calm your nervous system through breathwork practices you will reconnect with your greater power and true self. 

  • FEEL THE ALOHA:  Experience the essence of the heart centered foundation important to this beautiful culture here in Hawaii.

  • HEAL WITH NATURE:  Care for yourself and for this land as you soak in the many healing benefits nature offers to you everyday.



Your Takeaway

After the 5 days you will gain:

  • A deeply nourished and strengthened body with the knowledge of what it needs to continue to thrive.

  • A relaxed mind focused on gratitude with the tools to unblock subconscious limitations. 

  • Connection with your soul and the insight you need to continue living from your highest expression.

  • The beauty of Maui's essence through food, the land, the ocean and the culture.

  • A reset for your body, mind and spirit.

Give yourself the renewal you are seeking. Feel connected to your calm nature, your beautiful heart and your unlimited potential.  




A percentage of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards Maui Nui Marine Resource Council.  They are a local nonprofit here on Maui and their mission is to support healthy coral reefs, clean ocean water and abundant native fish.  It is an honor to be able to give back to this island that deeply supports us all.  Mahalo nui for all your help.

Image by Corey Agopian


Julia, Teacher

Melissa's work makes me feel grounded and reconnected.  She guides you in taking simple and meaningful steps towards feeling your best. Thank you Melissa for being my shining light.

Amy, Therapist

I am inspired daily by this program.  The affirmations remind me to take a moment to myself, breathe, go within, silence the chaos, and to remember all of the beauty life has to offer.

Tambara, Marketing Director

The tools that Melissa shares to become better connected with ourselves are invaluable.  She truly takes us on a journey that fully embraces the body, mind, and soul.

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